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First of all:  fairness

This is the guiding principle of our business.

Up to now the correctness and sincerity have allowed us to satisfy and retain our customers.


Professional Approach

An international team of the highest level, made up of mechanical and electronic engineers, specialized technicians, and competent salespeople will help you develop and implement your project at the highest technological level and at the lowest cost.


We Make Your Life Easier

Simple does not mean simplistic but exactly the opposite. Simplicity requires a lot of work to achieve it. For over 30 years we have been working to simplify the use of our machines and systems, making them user-friendly so that they can also be used by non-specialist personnel.


We Deliver Actual Results

Maximum efficiency and long life! This is our slogan. Our plants are studied, designed and manufactured to produce for many years. An after-sales service and spare parts always available are the basis for constant and efficient work.


Personal Attention

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with us ( Ancient African proverb).
This is our philosophy: to think, design and manufacture boilers and plants thinking about the needs of our customers. All sales and technical staff are always available to listen to the needs of our customers and then propose reasonable and pragmatic solutions.


We Have Skills & Tallent

Our boilers and plants are the result of the collective effort of many people with different specific technical, industrial and commercial skills. The result is the synthesis of this collective work which allows us to always be innovative and flexible.


Why To Choose ABKessel



At ABKessel we have our own engineering department that analyzes the particularities of each project, studies its feasibility and designs the most appropriate systems to offer cost-effective energy solutions.



Our work has allowed us to advance in the development of the most efficient technology for the transformation of fuels from biomass and multisectoral waste into energy.



We offer introductory training sessions and sessions, as well as specialized technical and commercial training.

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